Tips to Traveling to Greece this Fall

Here is the website I use to book my ferry tickets.   

Let me know if you need any help. 

Tips for the Ferry:

  • – Get there early. You will need to fill out a paper document for contact tracing. It always takes us a while to find the hut with the papers, get a pen, etc.
  • – Get there early. The ferry stations are huge!!! We always go to the wrong pier with the wrong boat and to walk to the next pier is far. 
  • – Get there early. There are not enough seats, especially with COVID. So you might need to take a cafe table outside which is hot and windy. Sometimes the seats are reserved. There are different types of ferries and different companies, all operate a bit differently. You don’t need a suite. That’s for long haul travel from Athens down to the southern islands or to the east. 
  • – Save your tickets in your photos in case you don’t have wifi or the wifi is slow to pick them up. 
  • – Pack valuables in a small bag that you can bring up to your seat. The luggage stays below with the cars. You drop your bags before going up the escalator to your seats. 

USA license 

  • motor bike

Bus is local are liable

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