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What is a Wander itinerary?

  • Each Wander itinerary is a 1-day plan on what to see and do in your city. It’s a step-by-step guide for travellers to explore on their own and at their own pace.
  • Itineraries are based on a theme. Create plans for those gastronomic enthusiasts, or those history buffs, or those underground music lovers.
  • Each itinerary leads travellers through 3 activities, think morning, afternoon and evening. This gives them time to explore on their own and also maximizes their days.
  • An activity might be biking along a river, or taking a cooking class, it might be to climb a mountain to get to their second activity of lunch at a beautiful chalet.
  • Activities include a description, map, restaurant recommendations and of course the local’s tip.

Who is Wander Like Me?

  • We built this platform to help travelers get a more authentic travel experience and skip all the tourist traps. There is no amazing database of local tips and tricks to help you plan your trip, until now. Now there is
  • Wander Like Me. Easy, peasy travel planning tool. Little stress and lots of amazing locals’ tips.
  • UMMM, the best people to recommend tips for traveling is YOU!

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Why become a Wander Local?

  • Have you constantly shared tips and tricks with your friends on how to travel to a certain destination? Are you recommending places to visit? Are you sending recommendations on what to do or where to eat in your home town to EVERYONE? Lol
  • Then stop doing it for free!
  • We are here for you! We want you to get paid to help people not to swarm the Eiffel tower and have more of an immersive experience.
  • If you are interested in being featured on our website under the Local Page, (bio video, IG account), please email us at

How do Locals get paid?

  • Once you write and upload an itinerary, it will be forwarded to our Chief Wander for review and approval. If we see any edits that need to be made, we’ll ask you to implement the changes. Once your itinerary is finalized and approved, you get paid through wise.
  • We sell each itinerary for $19.
  • You get paid $15 for each one you sell. Once a customer buys one, the money goes straight into your piggy bank via
  • The remaining amount goes to help support our little website and to make sure it stays hip and you know so it doesn’t crash so you can keep selling.

How to track your itineraries?

  • We have a new fancy Local Dashboard. You can watch the sales of your itineraries.
  • See what customers like and update your itineraries so they become top sellers.
  • Travellers can leave reviews. Get that good star and review their comments.
  • Do you have more questions? Our Wander team is happy to jump on a call and walk you through it.
  • Email us at or book a calendly meeting and let’s chat about how you Wander.

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