Become a Wander Local- Follow these steps


First, welcome to the Fam Jam! We are excited to have you on board as a local. 
Why become a Wander Local?

  • We are here for you! We want you to get paid to help people not to swarm the Eiffel tower. 
  • Video of what it means to be a Wander Local

Some background on Wander Like Me 

  • We built this platform to help travelers get a more authentic travel experience and take away the stress of planning. 
  • UMMM, the best people to do that is YOU! 
  • If you are interested in being featured on our website under the Local Page, (bio video, IG account), please email us at 

How do you get paid?

  • Each itinerary is $19. You will get paid $15 while the balance goes to supporting the fancy dancy website we built. To make sure it stays hip and you know so it doesn’t crash.
  • Monthly Subscriptions- You get paid 50% of the sale

Create a Wander Local Account

How to create an itinerary?

  • How to enter an itinerary – Watch Video
  • Remember people want those secrets to avoid tourist traps, getting the best views, eating the most local food. Things you can’t google
  • Make it a theme
  • Include 3 activities for each itinerary
  • Tone of the itinerary, we love when they use their own voice, and tone.
  • Reviewing the Local Platform – Watch Video

How to track your itineraries?

  • We have a new fancy Local Dashboard. You can watch the sales of your itineraries.
  • See what customers like and update your itineraries so they become top sellers.
  • Travelers can leave reviews. Get that good star and review their comments.

Do you have more questions? Our Wander team is happy to jump on a call and walk you through it. Email us at

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